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Camerone Links

In the spirit of today–a couple of more items related to Camerone. 54mm Vignette of Camerone.  Outstanding work on this diorama showing four legionnaires and an officer, who would likely be Lt. Maudet, in command of the remaining handful of … Continue reading

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Camerone Day!

Today is the 30th of April which is known in the French Foreign Legion as Camerone Day.  It commemorates the epic 1863 battle between 62 Legionnaires and over 2,000 Mexican infantry and cavalry that took place on a small abandoned … Continue reading

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The Legion of the Damned Diorama

Something different today. A month ago the Middle School gave my son an assignment to create a 3D-type display of a non-fiction work that he recently read.  He asked me what book he should read and since he likes military … Continue reading

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Legionnaire Alfred Perrott-White

Just a short post today on an article the appeared in Yank Magazine in December of 1944.  It features Alfred Perrott-White, an amazing English soldier of fortune who joined the French Foreign Legion in 1938 at the ripe age of … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: A Family Council

The interesting thing about Pulp magazines is that there is only one color cover depicting just one of the many stories contained within.  You never really know fully what else to expect until you crack it open and check out … Continue reading

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Garrison Tales from Tonquin by James O’Neill

This book was first published in 1895.  The author, James O’Neill, was an American who joined the Foreign Legion in 1887 when he was 27 years old.  In 1890 he shipped off to Tonkin (modern day northern Vietnam).  “Garrison Tales” … Continue reading

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Foreign Legion Uniform Illustrations

I’m still sorting out the piles of pictures and files that I’ve collected from browsing the internet.  One of my largest folders is the “Uniforms” folder.    So since I’ve not been reading Foreign Legion books or working on miniatures … Continue reading

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Legion Forts: Ain Ben Tili (2)

Those who have ever blogged or maintained a website or even updates a Facebook page always look forward to reading comments made by visitors, guests and friends.  Last week I actually had several constructive comments on various posts on this … Continue reading

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