Foreign Legion Uniform Illustrations

I’m still sorting out the piles of pictures and files that I’ve collected from browsing the internet.  One of my largest folders is the “Uniforms” folder.    So since I’ve not been reading Foreign Legion books or working on miniatures lately I’ll keep posting some more picture collections–even though I can’t remember where they all came from.  (Although, in this case I do know that several of these pictures did come from the official website of the Foreign Legion at this link.  I think some of the others are scanned pictures/photos of illustrations from an older version of the Livre d’or de la Légion Etrangère link.  Note: the livre d’or is really the holy grail book to have for Foreign Legion enthusiasts.)  So, for reference purposes, posted below are various uniform illustrations depicting uniforms of the French Foreign Legion throughout history.  I’ve included some of the more modern uniforms as well even though that’s a bit out of the scope of this blog.


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  1. Dean says:

    Thanks for hosting such an informative blog! Dean


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