Camerone Links

In the spirit of today–a couple of more items related to Camerone.

  • 54mm Vignette of Camerone.  Outstanding work on this diorama showing four legionnaires and an officer, who would likely be Lt. Maudet, in command of the remaining handful of still standing fighters.   Link
  • Camerone 2011 Slideshow.  This link takes you to a really inspirational slideshow of last year’s commemoration of Camerone Day held at the Legion headquarters at Aubagne, France.  Be sure to view in full screen.  Link
  • Camerone Website.  This link will take you to a nice collection of pictures and text related to the Battle of Camerone.  The maps are very informative.   Link
  • Photo of Captain Danjou.  I found the picture below tucked in with other photographs of French military officers on one of the French Archive websites.  It shows a picture of Captain Danjou that I haven’t seen too often.

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