Captain Gallant Comic #4

This is the last of the Captain Gallant comics that I have.  It came out in September 1956.  I’m not sure there was any published after issue #4.  This one features several fact pages on the Legion and several short “episodes”:  The Amazing Legion (1 page); The Kind Stranger; Josephine’s Last Date; The Smuggler’s Cove; “Elimination By Appointment” (a non-Legion 2-page mystery); Dancing Danger; The Lost Patrol; Doc Sorebones is a Big Help (a one page non-Legion filler); and two more fact pages entitled The Amazing Legion.  I liked The Lost Patrol the best.  I suppose the quality of this comic may have contributed to it’s doom.  Or maybe it was that cursed logo certifying that the comic meets the criteria to be Approved by the Comics Code Authority’s high standards of morality and good taste.  Some say that kids back then would not pick up comics with that logo because they were not exciting.   I don’t know what really killed the series but I do think that overall the Captain Gallant comic suffered from poor writing and not the best artwork (although the covers were not too bad).  A young fan of the Foreign Legion back in the 1950’s might have cringed when he got to page 35 and read about the Battle of “Calderone”.  You know….the one in Mexico that took place 30 April 1863?  So for good or bad issue 004 is below.  (This comic was found on the Internet Archive).

Captain Gallant 004

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