Pictures of the Foreign Legion in WWI

A short post today to highlight a small collection of pictures I’ve assembled from various sources that feature the Foreign Legion in World War One.  The first four pictures come from an amazing website called Mémoire des hommes that provides access to the scanned wartime staff journals of various French regiments from that conflict.  There are several journals from the Foreign Legion that are available to read (link) which provide an amazing insight into this fighting force during their most challenging fighting on the Western Front.  One journal in particular that was written by the 3rd Co. of the 2nd Regiment had four group photographs of soldiers and officers from that unit.  I’m not sure but I believe that this particular group may have been heavily composed of foreign volunteers from Luxemburg.  Some of the other journals have numerous casualty lists that give the nationality of the wounded and fallen.  The next several photographs of legionnaires came from the illustrations found in several books written by American volunteers.  Lastly there were several pictures of the Foreign Legion (featuring the 1st RMLE which was the final fighting formation of the Legion during the war) on the French Military website.  The last three pictures from this set show Colonel Rollet, the commander of the RMLE.

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3 Responses to Pictures of the Foreign Legion in WWI

  1. deni says:

    Hi, i am trying to find a relative of mine who served with the Americans in the French foreign legion as far as i can tell ,he was actually from Ceylon(sri lanka) Do you know where i might find names? He was awarded a croix du guerre bronze palm not sure if personal or unit citation.


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