Armies in Plastic: French Foreign Legion Figures (1:32 / 54mm)

I finally bought a set of the Armies in Plastic Foreign Legion figures.  I’ve been meaning to start collecting these and give a shot at painting them up in their authentic color schemes.  The first thing I want to point out about this set of figures is that there is no difference between the “North Africa” and the “Gallipoli” sets that are offered on the web other than the color of the plastic (Blue vs. Butternut Brown).  There were supposed to be 20 figures in my box and a total of 10 poses but I got a couple of extra figures that must have escaped the QC (thank you #239).  The set consists mostly of enlisted chaps with one officer.  No NCO’s as far as I can tell (the officer or adjutant has rank stripes on his sleeve but none of the others do).   The figures are really solid with the plastic being firm but not brittle and there is virtually no flash to speak of.  Some of the poses are a little odd looking at first such as the officer’s right arm way up in the air, the prone guy propped up on his elbows, and the half kneeling hip-firing guy.  You will see several similarities between this set and others produced by this company if you go to their website.  One future bonus is that Armies in Plastic provides two sets of excellent looking Arab tribesmen to fight the Legionnaires–one on foot and the other mounted.  For $15.00 I think this was a really good deal.   Although I’m not set up for painting yet in my little hobby area I can’t wait to prime these and have a go at them. Also, I want to eventually get the Conte sets in order to assemble a wider range of poses (Conte has three “Beau Geste” sets and are at the same scale as these figures–about 24 additional poses). Here are some hi-res pictures of these figures.

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