French Foreign Legion Article in “Attack” Comic

                                                                                                                                                                                                              The two page article above comes from the comic book “Attack”.  It appeared in Vol. 1 ,#57, which was released in April of 1959.  It’s just two pages long and consists of mainly historical information about the Legion but I found it interesting in how the author came about the material for the article.  During a game of “Guess my Line” (very popular during the 1950’s–as was the party game of Charades) the author discovered that a party guest had spent five years in the Foreign Legion.  The former Legionnaire later made himself available to the author for an interview to perhaps provide enough tidbits of information about the Legion that could be turned into a short article.  So here it is.  Of course it didn’t appear in slick magazine like Esquire or the Saturday Evening Post but nonetheless it did make it to “Attack” comics.  I just think that the author might have missed his chance to write up something better since these two pages are mostly old historical or commonly known information about the Foreign Legion.  Maybe the beach was not the best spot for the interview.

The rest of the comic book is posted below.


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