Display Bases for Miniatures from Plastic Tops

Something different today.  I recently experimented with making display bases for miniatures out of common plastic tops that usually get thrown away in the recycle bin.  I started by collecting up various plastic bottle and container tops over the course of several weeks.  I then went to work constructing what I though might be adequate display bases for 25mm, 1:35/32 or 54mm figures.   The process is captured above in the tutorial pictures (which I also put together into a .pdf tutorial below).

I have only shown the process used to make the base itself.  Part II of this topic will be the final product showing one of my Armies in Plastic Foreign Legion figures painted up and mounted one of the bases.  I would normally have used wood bases for displaying larger figures but I felt like doing something with all of the plastic junk I wind up throwing away.  I’ll let you be the judge of the final product.

Making Figure Bases

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1 Response to Display Bases for Miniatures from Plastic Tops

  1. villou16 says:

    Too big for 1/72 miniatures (using skirmish wargame). I gonna try let pics here tomorrow about my “work”.

    Pas vu, pas pris.



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