Noteworthy Blog: Camerone Day

Camerone Day Blog

Not sure how I missed this back in my Camerone posts of 30 April.  This blog displays one of the nicest and largest miniature recreations of the Battle of Camerone that I’ve seen and contains an extensive collection of Camerone pictures, maps and other resources.  It breaks the battlefield down building by building and wall by wall (and cactus by cactus it seems).  The photos are nice high resolution shots which really help show off the finely done 28mm Foreign Legion miniatures arrayed on the larger terrain board.  The theme behind the blog is that it is somewhat of a countdown to the 150th Anniversary of Camerone coming up on 30 April 2013.   I’ll be checking regularly and I’m sure this will shape up nicely over the months to come.

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Retired Army.
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