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Foreign Legion Fiction by P. C. Wren

Several writers have noted that P. C. Wren (Major Percival Christopher Wren) is to be credited with creating the popular cultural image of the French Foreign Legion.  It’s said that his novel, Beau Geste, was what sparked people’s interest in … Continue reading

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The Foreign Legion on the March

Google used to feature a News Archive search but for the last year or so it seems to have been off-line.  One could search many different newspapers from the late 1800’s until the present.  Today I discovered that it might … Continue reading

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Foreign Legion Uniform Prints

Sorry that it has been a week since my last post.  I try to post more frequently but this past week I was on the road for a couple of days and somewhat busy with household projects.   So to … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Sahara Duty

This month’s Foreign Legion pulp story is actually about the French Camel Corps and their battle with the Senussi rebels in the far eastern Saharan Desert.  It takes place after WWII and concerns the actions of 8 surviving members of … Continue reading

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Foreign Legion Uniform Illustrations

Just a short post today of several uniform illustrations of various Regiments of the Foreign Legion.  I have no idea where I found them and only just noticed that there seemed to be a common look to several uniforms picture … Continue reading

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French Foreign Legion by the Late Captain Vere Shortt

This piece was an article for the magazine Overland Monthly.  It was published in the December 1917 issue.  (Note:  The article also appeared earlier in The Living Age of 28 April 1917.   I posted the Overland Monthly one because … Continue reading

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