Legionnaire Bennett J. Doty

                                                                                                                                                                       The following two articles discuss the adventures of Bennett J. Doty, a young American adventurer who enlisted in the Foreign Legion on 12 June 1925, fought for France in Syria that year, deserted from the Legion but was caught and condemned to death.  American public outcry and diplomatic intervention succeeded in getting his execution commuted to a life sentence and then ultimately secured his freedom from both the Legion and French prison.  In 1928, a liberated Bennett Doty wrote a book about his Foreign Legion experiences called Legion of the Damned which was a popular seller at the time and one of the most exciting and action packed Foreign Legion memoirs that I’ve read.  (Unfortunately, Legion of the Damned has never been republished yet and original copies are hard to come by.)

Both articles are from The Literary Digest (as found on Unz.org).  A Deserter Who Was Not Shot was published 14 August 1926 and covers the period when Doty was imprisoned.  Doty’s Wild Adventures in the Legion was published in 21 January 1928 and discusses Doty’s recently released book.  I’ll soon be posting a review of Legion of the Damned.

A Deserter Who Was Not Shot

Doty’s Wild Adventures in the Legion


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2 Responses to Legionnaire Bennett J. Doty

  1. ken strehle says:

    I have had another legion adventurer’ s book on my shelf and which I read back in early sixties. It is titled Ten Thousand shall fall by David King #8046. Published in 1930 with photos. I was impressed with the grim realities of war as depicted in this book. It does not pop up in your site’s search but is a good book


    • Jack Wagner says:

      I have the David Wooster King book but have not read it yet. Kind of like keeping a fine bottle of wine for a special occasion. It was also called L.M.8046: An Intimate Story of the French Foreign Legion. Thanks for the tip and thanks for visiting my blog.


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