French Posters

I apologize for being AWOL from this blog for the past 11 days.  I have been busy with other projects as well as some household chores.  Soon to come in this blog I’m finishing up a couple of book reviews, some figure painting and of course a pulp story for the middle of the month.

So to keep active I’m posting a little collection of graphics that I found on the French Archives at Galica.  These are French posters and advertisements that can be used to decorate your scale model projects where you might have too many bare walls.   The image name includes a date that would help you properly utilize the graphic.  Most of these would probably not be suitable for WWII dioramas but some of the drink ones might work.  I have tons more and will post these later.  To view I recommend right clicking and selecting “Open Link in New Window”.

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Retired Army.
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