Legion Pulp: A Job in the Legion

This month’s Foreign Legion pulp fiction is from Collier’s Magazine of 23 December 1933 and is one of many short stories that Georges Surdez wrote for that magazine.  Collier’s was considered a step up from the pulp magazines and was known as a “slick” because it used smoother, acid-free paper than that used in the pulps.  The slicks also paid better than the pulp publishing houses and Surdez was doing well to get published so often them.   Many of Surdez’s stories that appeared in Collier’s were very short one-pagers and were featured with the byline “A SHORT SHORT STORY.  COMPLETE ON THIS PAGE.”  This was one of his longer stories from Collier’s.  A Job in the Legion is typical of Surdez’s story telling in that he has a knack for bringing his Legionnaires to life by crafting interesting backgrounds and motivations for why they sought refuge in the Foreign Legion.  (NOTE:  I know it is the 14th of the month but I posted this a day early because I will be AFK tomorrow.)

A Job in the Legion

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