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Legion of the Living Dead

I’m hoping to get several posts for this blog finished this week.  In the meantime, for your Halloween enjoyment, I leave this beautiful cover page from what I believe is a German language mystery/crime story magazine that I’ve never read.  … Continue reading

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A Soldier of the Legion by George Manington

A Soldier of the Legion by George Manington.  Subtitle: An Englishman’s Adventures Under the French Flag in Algeria and Tonquin.  377 pages.  Copyright January 1907.  Published by John Murray, London.  Edited by William B. Slater and Arthur J. Sarl.  A … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Loot

October’s vintage Foreign Legion story is from the pen of Robert Carse.  It appeared in Argosy Weekly on 09 September 1933.  The story is as old as the Foreign Legion–past crimes finally catch up to one who hides in the … Continue reading

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Painting the Armies In Plastic French Foreign Legion (W.I.P.)

I’m not sure what possessed me to start painting these figures.  Maybe it was the flash free smoothness of the capote that tempted me or the way the light warmly reflected off the blue color of the kepi that screamed … Continue reading

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Making a Berber Ksar (Askari Miniatures)

Just a quick post today on a neat article that appears on the Askari Miniatures web page on how to build a Berber Ksar.  I’m not sure how I missed this since I’ve been on their site dozens of times before.  … Continue reading

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Artizan 28mm French Foreign Legion “March or Die” Box Set

Artizan’s French Foreign Legion March or Die boxed (FFLGCB) set of 28mm  miniatures is an outstanding value for those interested in jump starting their Foreign Legion figure collection.  I paid almost $60.00 on eBay, including shipping, when I bought this … Continue reading

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