Artizan 28mm French Foreign Legion “March or Die” Box Set

Artizan’s French Foreign Legion March or Die boxed (FFLGCB) set of 28mm  miniatures is an outstanding value for those interested in jump starting their Foreign Legion figure collection.  I paid almost $60.00 on eBay, including shipping, when I bought this set (a pure impulse buy for certain) but I now see it offered at Brigade Games for $47.00.  That’s roughly about $2.00 a figure which is somewhat cheaper than ordering them in separate sets of four.  The boxed set comes with six small plastic bags each containing four figures, all bubble wrapped and boxed in what appears to be a modified plastic container for a VHS tape.  As you can see by the pictures below there are a total of 12 distinct poses.  The MOD001 – Command Set I counts for four of those.  The other eight poses come from the two Artizan sets called Legion in Greatcoats Advancing (3x Set I & 2x Set II = 20 figures).  The sculpts are beautifully done and the figures are well proportioned. There is virtually no flash save some bits on a couple of the kepi’s.  The bases are the normal smallish ones you see on metal figures and will of course require proper basing.  My only bone of contention is that seven of the poses are a bit too similar and there are no firing figures.  I wish that instead of three sets of MOD003 – Legion in Greatcoats Advancing Set I that they included one set of their MOD010 – Legion in Greatcoats.  Not a problem though as I’ll be buying some of the other sets from their line to beef up my platoon to a full section of 60 hommes de rang.  Artizan also has another March or Die boxed set (FLLSTB Foreign Legion in Short Sleeves) that has 24 figures wearing their sun helmets and white cotton tenue de campaign.  I look forward to painting these up and I’ll be sure to post pictures of them when I do.

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4 Responses to Artizan 28mm French Foreign Legion “March or Die” Box Set

  1. villou16 says:

    Nice figures, but no one smile. I’ve just finished twenty five beduins more. Will send you a pic or two as soon as possible. Captain Ganache still have troubles about his faecal incontinence. 😉


  2. Lu Zishen says:

    I’ve got them too, and they are quite good … It seems I have some different poses in different numbers (I gat men with bagpack)… so i supose that the choice is more or less random
    casting is a bit ruff at some places (back rear of the capote)

    i’m wating to see your mini painted !
    and talking about capt’ain ganache and his german legionnaires in the Djebel Mondo is a real shame 😉


    • Jack Wagner says:

      That’s odd. I suppose Artizan provides the Command group and then throws in whatever else totals up to 24 figures. Nevertheless. Good figures all around. I hope they match up well with the Askari ones.


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