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Le Petit Parisian Covers 2

Here are some more color covers (front and back) from the French periodical Le Petit Parisian.  Various scenes from North Africa and the French Military is the theme.  This publication was very similar to Le Petit Journal in both format … Continue reading

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Legion Fort for Miniatures

Just a quick post today.  I found these pictures for a Foreign Legion Fort on an eBay auction last month.  Great pictures here of what appears to be a four-piece molded model based on Fort Zinderneuf.  I figure the auction … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Stepsons of France

This month’s pulp story of the Foreign Legion is from the pen of Robert Carse.  The story appeared in Argosy Weekly 11 January 1941.  It’s a tale of the more modern Foreign Legion who fought in against the Italians in … Continue reading

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Election 2012

  Picture above—my face and thoughts after the election.   I really wanted Obama & Co. to lose and lose big.  As a free market guy from the Milton Friedman school I fear what lies ahead for the next four years.  … Continue reading

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Better Than Bullets: The Complete Adventures of Thibaut Corday and the Foreign Legion, Volume 2

Altus Press has released the second volume of The Complete Adventures of Thibaut Corday.  This is great enjoyable reading–no teenage vampires here but plenty of exotic mystery.  The six stories contained within are the perfect size for reading in the … Continue reading

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