Better Than Bullets: The Complete Adventures of Thibaut Corday and the Foreign Legion, Volume 2

Altus Press has released the second volume of The Complete Adventures of Thibaut Corday.  This is great enjoyable reading–no teenage vampires here but plenty of exotic mystery.  The six stories contained within are the perfect size for reading in the late evening after the dishes are put away, the kids are finally in bed and it’s just a little too early to hit the sack.  This volume has the following stories written by Theodore Roscoe that all originally appeared in the Argosy Weekly pulp magazine in the 1930’s:

  • Toughest in the Legion (04 February 1933)
  • Monsieur Murder (15 July 1933)
  • The Spy with the Bald Head (28 April 1934
  • The Ears of Donkey Daudette (19 January 1935)
  • The Devil who Played God (11 April 1936)
  • Jacques the Giantess Killer (11 July 1936)

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Retired Army.
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