Election 2012


Picture above—my face and thoughts after the election.   I really wanted Obama & Co. to lose and lose big.  As a free market guy from the Milton Friedman school I fear what lies ahead for the next four years.  I hope it is a slow decline–fast collapses of economies are often bloody.   The link to the full cover is below.


About Jack Wagner

Retired Army.
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7 Responses to Election 2012

  1. Villou says:

    Je dirais plutôt que que vous allez continuer à sortir de la merde.




  2. Villou says:

    My Grand-Father’s wife used to be in the African Batallon during WWII, Brriton, we spoke all night long. I loved this Guy. Even if not Coservervative, full respect for warriors I had been one during first Gulf one War is over


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