Legion Fort for Miniatures

Just a quick post today.  I found these pictures for a Foreign Legion Fort on an eBay auction last month.  Great pictures here of what appears to be a four-piece molded model based on Fort Zinderneuf.  I figure the auction is long over and someone walked away with a great model.    I find the blue and red color scheme a little odd, but anyway I’m posting this for reference purposes and because I really like Foreign Legion forts.   Thanks to Dave, an eagle-eyed reader of this blog, the manufacturer is identified as Hudson & Allen Studio (25mm Scenics).

On an admin note I recently suffered through several days of a major computer crash.   Last week Microsoft was pushing one of the interminable updates when I got a blue-screen-of-death and a crash.   After that it wouldn’t boot.  I was able to get it going in Safe Mode for a couple of minutes to back up some files but eventually I had to do a complete reinstall of Windows 7.  Now I’m finally running better than ever but these updates are still causing headaches.  I was worried that it was hardware related but thankfully it was not.  So that’s my excuse this week for not posting more often.

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4 Responses to Legion Fort for Miniatures

  1. Villou says:

    Very nice job. Will do something like this after i’ll finish legion’s cavalry and beduin’s camelry.


  2. Dave says:

    It’s made by hudson and allen. http://www.wargamescenics.com/products.html
    Almost to the bottom, it’s the desert fortress.


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