Ksar El-Azeoudj, Sahara, 1903


A quick post today to direct your attention to a very fine tabletop war game posted at Club Le Shakko.  Link

The setting is 1903 and the far southern reaches of the troubled kingdom of Morocco where it meets the Saharan desert.  The tribes are agitated and on the move–urged on by radical holy men. The French Command is concerned about trouble spilling over into Algeria and soon enough a large harka of Berber tribesmen crosses the informal border.  French reinforcements en route to Ksar El Aseoudj are attacked and hard pressed to push through to the safety of the Ksar.  Will they be wiped out or will a relief force come to their rescue?

The miniatures used are extremely well done with great attention to detail on their painting.  I see figures from several 1:72 scale sets to include both the Airfix and ESCI Foreign Legion and Arab sets, HäT  WWI Early French Infantry (in Legion uniform), Strelets Chasseurs d’Afrique and several remarkable conversions from various other sets.  They all go together perfectly in this set up.  The Ksar (fort) is also very well done with that oriental style common to the Berber constructions in that area.  The terrain is well rendered too with rocky outcrops on one side and a walled palm oasis providing cover for the tribesmen who are attacking the unfortunate French column caught in the open desert.

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6 Responses to Ksar El-Azeoudj, Sahara, 1903

  1. Villou says:

    Still working on the camelery and cavalry. I’m jalous of this finished work.


  2. Al says:

    Superb, Bravo!


  3. Cyril says:

    Hello, I am the guy who have make this game, figs and so one [my father had make the fort and i am very proud of him : ) ]
    Your site was my principal source of inspiration !
    So thank you for your great Blog


    • Jack Wagner says:


      You did a great job and thank you for the kind words about Mon Legionnaire. I’m glad you like the posts. After seeing your tabletop I’ve resolved to get to work on more miniature painting. I have some Zouaves and some camels that need to be finished and I have plans to convert some of the Hat Dervish Warriors into more Berber tribesmen.


      • Cyril says:

        For the next game in february, i have made some spahi horsemen (using the strelets turkish regular cavalry) and french light colonial artillery (De Bange 80mm cannon). You Will also see some more houses (marabout for exemple)


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