En Crapaudine!


This short, morose tale is pulled from the Two-Fisted Tales comic book (Two Fisted Tales Vol. 1, No. 17 October 1996 to be exact which is a reissue of Two-Fisted Tales #34 from 1953).  I’ve never been a really BIG comic book fan and I’m certainly not a collector but lately however I’ve discovered small hoards of comics uploaded onto various Usenet groups.  Which is where I found this issue of Two-Fisted Tales.  I don’t want to get in trouble by violating any copy rights as this title was recently remastered (in 1996) from the old 1950’s version and released with much more vibrant artwork and colors so I won’t post the whole issue.  One story shouldn’t hurt.  In fact, Two-Fisted Tales is a really good series that was unfortunately discontinued after only 41 issues.  Most of their stories were about combat action in Korea, which was raging at the same time this comic was published, but they also had other diverse tales about various conflicts throughout history.  On Amazon I see that there are two collected volumes of the redone Two-Fisted Tales that were released in 2007.  Volume 1 volume reprints the first six complete issues (24 stories) and Volume 2 covers issues #7-12.   I just added these to my 2013 Christmas list.            The .pdf is below.


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