Legion Pulp: Short Short Stories

WithGlorySomewhat well established and successful in his career, pulp fiction writer George Surdez began to write more often for Colliers Weekly Magazine–a slick magazine that paid better than his normal clients.  One of his common features in Colliers were his extra short stories for the magazine that took up only one page.  Sticking to his specialty, most of these were about the French Foreign Legion or the French military during World War II.  So for this month’s pulp fiction I’ve rounded up three short stories found over at UNZ.org written by Surdez about the Foreign Legion.  The first is With Glory (Collier’s Weekly, September 22, 1934), then Never a Soldier (Collier’s Weekly, December 1, 1934) and Tradition (Collier’s Weekly, January 14, 1939).  Not exactly a pulp fiction story but I found them pretty neat and they were written by the master of Foreign Legion fiction.

Georges Surdez Short Short Fiction

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