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Posting today an article from the 01 February 1947 issue of Colliers Magazine written by author Irving Wallace (who at this time had not yet made his way to Hollywood or began his career as a novelist).  It’s a bit outside of the scope of my blog but it provides an interesting view into the Foreign Legion as it was reformed less than two years following the end of World War II.  He explains about the German influence in the newly reconstituted Legion regiments that were so instrumental in maintaining France’s claim to it’s colonies in Asia and North Africa.  The Legion’s pressing need for manpower resulted in the recruitment of large numbers of former Wehrmacht members but contrary to popular belief, one of the disqualifications for aspiring German legionnaires was S.S. membership or other strong Nazi ties.  Wallace also covers the usual historical aspects and common anecdotes of the Foreign Legion–some he gets right and others he presents as facts are romantic embellishments.   So, to accompany this article, I’ve posted a gallery of photo’s I’ve collected over the years that depict the Foreign Legion shortly after WWII.  Most of these are from Life Magazine while others came from the French Military History website.

Army Anonymous

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