Military Figurines/Models

Just a quick post today.  I’m sorting out electronic files again and figured I had amassed quite a collection of images culled from various website and thought this might make a good reference post for miniature painting.  We all do this I suppose—a quick “Right Click-Save Image As” maneuver  with the mouse and we add another interesting picture to our collections.  Over time you wind up with an image collection that you refer to quite often for inspiration and to check uniforms and colors.  So today I thought I would post these images under a category called Military Figurines (the accepted term nowadays) of the French Military.  The picture names kind of help identify the soldier depicted. I didn’t paint a single one of these nor did I take the picture and not all are of the Foreign Legion but they are really fine works of art.  Apologies in advance if you see one of your works/photo’s here.

About Jack Wagner

Retired Army.
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4 Responses to Military Figurines/Models

  1. Villou says:

    The bigger is the harder to paint, so many details and shadows to create. Very nice job.


  2. you might enjoy looking at these…

    if you have not seen them already…they are made by a UK company called Tommy Gunn Miniatures…I have purchased them and built a fort for them…love your sight…I would like to chat if you could contact me via email…regards…Michael


    • Jack Wagner says:


      Thanks for the tip. I’ve never seen these before–they are very, very nice. I notice they are at the King and Country 1/30 scale but that’s really close to 54mm.


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