Legion Pulp: The Free Shall Live

The Free Shall Live

This months pulp story is from Blue Book, September 1941, and again is written by Georges Surdez.  It’s not a Foreign Legion story but it does take place in North Africa during the early years of WWII and concerns the fate of Free French fighters, the British, and an American mixing it up with the Italians.  This is a very well written piece by Surdez and is one of many he wrote during the war years to highlight the Free French resistance and their operations against both the Germans and Italians.  Blue Books had a knack for providing numerous and excellent illustrations of their featured stories and The Free Shall Live is no exception.  There is a 23MB .pdf and a smaller 2.8MB version posted below.

23MB The Free Shall Live

2.8MB The Free Shall Live_Low

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