Sergeant Luck of the Legion: The Silver Scorpion

Sergeant Luck

I came across the Luck of the Legion comic strip as I was nosing around some copies of the UK comic called Eagle that I recently saw on a usenet group.  Luck of the Legion was a recurring comic in Eagle comics that ran from 1952 to 1961.   The Silver Scorpion story appeared in Eagle Annual #9 in black and white while other Luck of the Legion stories were often in color.  I was aware of several books about the Foreign Legion with various titles featuring the iron jawed Sergeant Luck but was uncertain of it’s origin as I was never able to purchase one.  After finding this comic strip I searched some more for Sergeant Luck and found this article on Wikipedia.  Now it makes sense–the author, Geoffrey Bond, penned these books based on the adventures featured in the comic strip.  I hope to hunt down some more Luck of the Legion strips and continue to add to the popular cultural record of the Foreign Legion.  The Sergeant Luck books still seem to be a hard to find collector’s item.

Luck of the Legion_The Silver Scorpion

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