Four Fools

I hate to make this post but today IS April Fools Day.  So what better way to celebrate Fools Day then by posting a short video of four fools making fools of themselves in the California desert dressed up in Foreign Legion uniforms.  This is The Monkeys from 24 October 1966 (Episode 7 “Monkees in a Ghost Town”).  The song is “Tomorrow’s Gonna Be Another Day”.


I did find out something interesting about Micky Dolenz.  It seems that in 1968 he was about to be drafted for the U.S. Army and most likely sent to Vietnam.  Instead he quickly joined the Navy and became a Navy SEAL and served two combat tours in the Mekong Delta with SEAL Team 3.  He remained with The Monkeys the whole time and did what he could with them while on leave and recovering from several wounds in stateside hospitals.

Really.             He did.

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2 Responses to Four Fools

  1. K. Quesenberry says:

    His father was a character actor who appeared with several big names. My personal favorite is “Royal Mounted Rides Again,” which is a serial from 1945. It also starred Milburn Stone and Robert Armstrong (who was in King Kong). The only serial I know of that had anything to do with the Foreign Legion was The Three Musketeers with John Wayne.

    I might note that in most of the movies, even to include Laurel & Hardy, Hollywood does a pretty respectable job of getting most of the details correct, even if the details fit a period of 20 years earlier better. You might enjoy “Beau Hunks.”


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Thanks for correcting the record on Mikey. You are right–even in this video the back packs are pretty well done as well as the capote and webbing gear. According to what I read the tan kepi cover would fade from the sun and from diligent washing into a whiter color. These four kepis would be for new “bleus”. You can find copies of the John Wayne serial on the Internet Archive.


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