I’ve been a untimely blogger lately–sorry about that.  To make up for it here is a miscellaneous collection of Foreign Legion related items that I’ve come across lately.

1.  Zénaga, Maroc, 1904:  Over at Le Shakko they have an after action report up on another fine North African war game.  It appears the rebel factions of Omar Zaharun along the Oued Guir have been waging banditry and sedition in the region.  The AAR features more great photos posted depicting the actions of the Foreign Legion, Algerian Tirailleurs, and Chasseurs d’Afrique putting Mr. Zaharun and his gang into their proper place in the Sahara.  A certain Captain Beaujolais figures prominently in this battle.

2.  Thomas Gunn Foreign Legion Miniatures.  This maker of very fine military miniatures have added six Foreign Legion figures to their line.  They are at 1/30 scale (about 54mm) and match the scale of King and Country and Figarti figures.  Sold out now and they are not cheap they are very nice.  They are apparently getting set to release some more poses at a later date so keep an eye out if you are a collector.  (thanks for the tip Michael).

3.  Shorpy.  This is a great website.  I find the high-res pictures fascinating and I can spend hours browsing them.  I found one reference to the Foreign Legion here.  This well researched article concerns a certain American Legion volunteer, John Schila Deming, who was killed fighting for France in 1917.  So I searched for what else I could learn about him and found some grave registration information and that’s really about it.  He was apparently not among the American Harvard and lvy League bunch whose volunteers to the Foreign Legion were much celebrated in many articles and news stories.  His entry in the book Trench Etched by John Bowe (a who’s who of early American volunteers)  merits only a two line entry that says:  Schuyler Deming, American citizen, soldier of the Legion, killed in attack August 1917.  French records list John Schila Deming as a Légionnaire – R.M.L.E. – Régiment de Marche de la Légion Etrangère [Légion Etrangère/Foreign Legion].  Born in Colombus (Ohio) and he  Mort des suites de blessures/Died of wounds on 22 June 1917.  I also found this website that has an entry for the American Volunteer Monument – Place des Etats-Unis,  in Paris, France.  It lists many names of fallen Legion volunteers and those killed flying in the Escadrille Lafayette and driving ambulances in the Field Service Corps.


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