Legion Pulp: They Can Be Licked

They Can Be Licked

April’s pulp fiction story of the Foreign Legion is a World War II tale of the fighting in Narvik, Norway, that involved the 13th Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade (13e Demi-Brigade de Légion Étrangère) or 13th DBLEThis Georges Surdez story appeared in the October 1941 issue of Adventure.  It weighs in at 47 pages and not only contains lots of combat action and intrigue but also throws in some strong (and sometimes between the lines) political points about the effect of the German blitzkrieg on Norway and France.  Narvik was a partial victory on both the sea and the land and a much needed morale booster for the Allies but it ultimately failed to prevent German occupation of Norway.

They Can Be Licked


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2 Responses to Legion Pulp: They Can Be Licked

  1. fightcardbooks says:

    Thx for posting these scans, they’re great! I have long collected Foreign Legion pulp fiction from Argosy and many other pulps, but I am enjoying having the pdf versions to send on and read on my Kindle. Thx again for all your efforts …


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