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My Favorite Assassin

The following article/story originally appeared in the April issue of Harper’s Magazine in 1943 as My Favorite Assassin.  It was written by George W. Herald, a little known journalist who’s other article on the Second World War was called “Sex … Continue reading

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The Original Foreign Legion in Algeria and Spain

The Foreign Legion was founded in 1831 as an expedient way to remove “nefarious characters of questionable loyalties” from France by inducing them to join a military corps that had a very high chance of seeing immediate combat and great … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Fakir of Marrakesh

This short story appeared in the November 1947 issue of Adventure.  I thought it was another Georges Surdez story about the Foreign Legion and scanned it before reading it.  It concerns a French desert outpost manned by Tirailleurs Sénégalais and a … Continue reading

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Uniforms of the Mexican Campaign

This post is a little bit late for Camerone Day but better late than never. I came across some very nice color uniform prints of French and Mexican military uniforms worn in the Mexican Campaign (or what is often called … Continue reading

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Collected Short Stories of Percival Christopher Wren

I’ve recently found some great items on Amazon for fans of P. C. Wren (the Beau Geste author who started a century of popular fiction and film about the classic French Foreign Legion).  It is a series of five volumes … Continue reading

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Luck of the Legion Comic 2

Here is a short comic strip featuring Sergeant Luck of the French Foreign Legion.  It was found in the UK comic Eagle and featured in the 1962 Annual.  In this four page spread Sergent Luck outwits a marauding band of … Continue reading

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A Legion Fort in 1:30 Scale

Michael completed a real nice looking desert outpost for his intrepid Legionnaires from Thomas Gunn Miniatures.  The first four pictures are the “work in progress” and the following four show the finished fort.  He also provided some great action shots … Continue reading

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Camerone for Kids

Something different today.  Below are some black and white images you can print off for the kids to practice their coloring skills.  Crayons.  Colored Pencils.  MS Paint.  Their choice.  I found most of these in great book French Foreign Legion: … Continue reading

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