A Legion Fort in 1:30 Scale

Michael completed a real nice looking desert outpost for his intrepid Legionnaires from Thomas Gunn Miniatures.  The first four pictures are the “work in progress” and the following four show the finished fort.  He also provided some great action shots of his Legion squad in action at the edge of a Saharan Palmeraie.  These are really detailed figures and look perfect with the fort.

This build reminds me that I have a 1:72 scale fort that needs completion as well as a tray of twenty Armies in Plastic 54mm Foreign Legion figures that are very close to being completed–only faces, rifles and some shading remain.

Also—don’t forget to check out some of the videos now being uploaded to YouTube on this weeks Camerone Day ceremonies.

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6 Responses to A Legion Fort in 1:30 Scale

  1. Villou says:

    Very nice.


  2. What war gaming rules would you suggest for the Legion in Africa 1920’s? What about the Conte figures.


  3. I must tell you that I met an old man who was about 60 in 1968, he said that he had been in the Legion. He had a foreign accent but I don’t what country. All he said when asked was “OH! That @#$% sand!, OH those (Indigenous People)! And finally he said that one of his friends went AWOL and he never saw him again,”The (Indigenous People ) got him”. I know when to stop asking questions of veterans. In my 64 years I have talked to a lot of people about their lives but this was the only Legionnaire. Thanks for your help.When I get my Conte Fort and armies painted I will send you a pix. Ralph Wagner,Kent and Kenmore Gamers.


    • Jack Wagner says:


      Must have been an interesting conversation I bet. Besides correspondence I met only one Foreign Legionnaire face to face. An older man by the train station in Boblingen Germany who was panhandling for beer money. This must have been 1986. Me and and my buddy were crossing the street heading for town after getting off the train and he asked us for some “geld”. Right off we both noticed the Legion tattoos on his arms. In our broken German and his broken English we found out he was in the Legion for 10 years or so. He was a wretch but very nice when he found out we were American soldiers. We gave him about 25 marks and made his day. I also saw some Legionnaires in the Marseilles train station but never thought to strike up a conversation. That must have been 1981.


      • I worked at “Home Depot” in Akron, Ohio. USA and talked to people every day and found many soldiers from everywhere. A Russian guy that swept the floor told me he had been a Paratrooper in the Russian Army, He made a motion like a man jumping out of a plane. and laughed .He told me he was in Afghanistan, Then he shook his head. Once again it time to stop talking because the guy was remembering too much. Thanks for writing back, I will try and get my Conte fort together and figures painted with in the year. I will share the photos with you. If there is anything you need let me know,I will try and get it for you . We Wagners must stick together. Ralph Wagner, Kent and Kenmore Gamers.


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