Uniforms of the Mexican Campaign

This post is a little bit late for Camerone Day but better late than never.

I came across some very nice color uniform prints of French and Mexican military uniforms worn in the Mexican Campaign (or what is often called the French Intervention in Mexico or the Franco-Mexican War) on a blog maintained by Belgian author and artist Michel Provost.  It features many of his very accurate (if somewhat whimsical) color illustrations and some pages referencing his graphic novel Tacambaro–a story featuring Drum Remi of the Belgian Army and his companion Pharaoh Lempereur who seem to be mixed up in several colonial conflicts of the 19th century.  Very “Tintinesque” this book and it shows that Mr. Provost was influenced by his correspondence with Hergé (Georges Prosper Remi).  There are some depictions of the Foreign Legion which I’ve highlighted below.

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