Legion Pulp: Fakir of Marrakesh


This short story appeared in the November 1947 issue of Adventure.  I thought it was another Georges Surdez story about the Foreign Legion and scanned it before reading it.  It concerns a French desert outpost manned by Tirailleurs Sénégalais and a strange visitor that arrives there one day.   It’s a nice quick story (that Surdez translated) written by French author Bernard Simiot who was a Free French soldier in WWII and wrote fiction based on his military experiences and medieval historical fiction.

In most of the general fiction pulps such as Argosy, Adventure, and Blue Book there was a need for only one or two stories over 40 pages and these were usually featured on with a cover illustration.  The rest of the issue was filled with serials or shorter works of fiction such as this story.  In 1947, Georges Surdez was well enough established and respected as a writer that he could submit translated works for publication–especially if it helped fill up the issue.

Fakir of Marrakesh

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