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The Green Grenade

The Green Grenade is a short story that appeared in Collier’s Magazine 8 September, 1928.   Written by Arthur Mills it is billed in the magazine as “The story of an indiscretion which was to have been a farewell to all … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Sahara Squadron

The pulp adventure for this month is entitled Sahara Squadron.  It comes from the January 1951 issue of Adventure and was written by Robert Carse.  By 1951 Adventure had become a slim shadow of what it used to be in … Continue reading

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Sergeant Luck of the Legion: The Fortress of Fear

Sorry about the long waits between posts–I’ve been busy with some landscaping, gardening and assorted other projects I’ve put off for too long.  So to pass the time I’m filling in this week with a short comic that again features … Continue reading

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