Rex the Wonder Dog and the Daredevil’s Outpost

Rex the Wonder Dog

Here is an amusing find–a short tale of Rex the Wonder Dog and his adventures in rescuing the missing Peter Weston, a famous scientist desperately needed for a very important U. S. government project.  No, Peter did not fall into a well nor is he trapped in a collapsed mine shaft.  Peter is somehow is suffering from amnesia and his brother Harold thinks that he will act out on a childhood ambition to join the French Foreign Legion.  So Rex teams up with Harold and off they go to North Africa to find the missing man.  Their search seems to falter but there is one last place they have to look–the lonely Legion fort known as The Daredevil’s Outpost.  Of course, Rex arrives at the post in a nick of time and assists the legionnaires in defending the post from attack.  …and Rex finds Peter, saves the day and becomes an honorary member of the Foreign Legion.

This story was featured in the comic The Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog, Issue #40 July-August, 1958.

Rex the Wonder Dog

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2 Responses to Rex the Wonder Dog and the Daredevil’s Outpost

  1. Eugene Olivier says:

    Very Amusing…..the four-legged legionnaire. As a kid in the 1950’s I would have lapped up anything of this sort. During the Napoleonic Wars a dog belonging to the standard-bearer of a French regiment lost a leg while trying to prevent the eagle (flag) from being captured. As a reward for its bravery Napoleon himself presented dog with a medal, probably the Legion of Honour. I recall correctly, the dog’s name was Moustache.



    • Jack Wagner says:

      Thanks for that tidbit of history Eugene,

      I was the same way growing up. I remember as a kid of about 10-12yrs old I wanted to have a pet black panther. Or at least a lynx. I also wanted to move to New Zealand when I got older. It’s strange what passions youngsters acquire and how quickly they move onto something else. I devoured every book that I could in the library about big cats and New Zealand and Australia. Also, for a time my hobbies and reading were all about the US Civil War, then WWII and back to the French and Indian Wars and then classical Rome and then back to WWII.
      It’s depressing to see kids nowadays without any desire to read history or get obsessive over something other than a video game or some TV show.


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