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Hodgepodge for October 2013

In no particular order here are the odds and ends related to the French Foreign Legion that I’ve come across this month. 1.  The Expendables.  In case someone missed last December’s issue of Vanity Fair, I bring to your attention … Continue reading

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Death Holds the Post

Here is an early Halloween treat from the crumbly pages of the vintage pulp magazine Weird Tales (September 1936).  Death Holds the Post is a scary tale of far flung French Foreign Legion outposts in the Sahara suddenly besieged by … Continue reading

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Sergeant Luck of the Legion: The Whispering Shadow

A quick post today and in keeping with the season of Halloween here is a short mystery featuring Sergeant Luck of the French Foreign Legion.  This one appeared in the UK comic Eagle (Annual #7) published in 1958. Luck of … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: Glory Road Part 2

This month’s pulps story is the conclusion of Robert Carse’s two-part Glory Road which appeared in Argosy in the 27 July and 03 August issues of 1935.   The first part of this story left a wounded Lieutenant Bowan in the … Continue reading

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Kelly of the Legion by Robert Service

The following verse was written by Robert W. Service, a Canadian writer (though from England of Scottish heritage) known for his poems that were set in the Yukon and the Northwest Canadian wilderness during the early 1900’s.  The literary snobs … Continue reading

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