Legion Pulp: Glory Road Part 2


This month’s pulps story is the conclusion of Robert Carse’s two-part Glory Road which appeared in Argosy in the 27 July and 03 August issues of 1935.   The first part of this story left a wounded Lieutenant Bowan in the hands of Lieutenant Luabala after both of their companies were wiped out by ‘R Guebait tribesmen.  The freed captives that saved both officers happened to be from Luabala’s tribal homeland and he just happens to be their lost hereditary king who is now intent on returning to lead his people against their tribes ancestral enemy.  Bowen helps train these “Begra” tribesmen in the rudiments of western military tactics and marksmanship while Luabala plots how to use his new army to exact revenge on the “Simogay” tribe.  Eventually Bowen makes his way back to the French but he is then put in command of a Foreign Legion company sent back to the jungle to put out the simmering tribal uprising that he helped set afire and to put an end to Luabala’s march on the “glory road”.

Glory Road Part 2

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2 Responses to Legion Pulp: Glory Road Part 2

  1. Eugene Olivier says:

    Jack, I scan-read THE GLORY ROAD. My comment is not on the story, but rather on the tail-piece at the end of Part 2. It is entitled IT’S ALL IN THE MIND or someting similar. Refresh your memory . It tells of an experiment performed on a candemned criminal in France. It intrigued me as it smacked of notorious Dr Mengele, the nazi doctor who did similar experiments on unfortunate “expendable” Jewish prononers in concentration camps. He is offered an escape from an ignominious death under Madame La Guillotine if he agrees to undergo an experiment that will result in a “worthwhile” death. The man is made to believe that his veins have been opened and that his life-blood is draining into containers. In reality he hears the sound of water dripping into buckets that are out of sight. As a result of the deception he gradually grows weaker and weaker and soon dies in spite of the fact that not a single drop of blood is spilt. Very Interesting, but I hear you say why comment on this in the Mon Legionnaire website?
    The connection to the Legion is this…… In P C Wren’s Beau Sabreur Hank & Buddy give Major De Beaujolais a harmless concoction to drink. It has just apparently killed a dog before his very eyes. De B actually BELIEVES it is poison. He succumbs, but recovers. .


    • Jack Wagner says:

      That is a creepy story. But since this was Argosy in the 1930’s I’m not sure of it’s authenticity. I’ve read many other vintage pulp magazines of the detective/crime/horror variety and this anecdote sounds a bit like one of those plots. …and the softening of the brain part sounds like me the day after too much beer.


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