Luck of the Legion Double Feature

Luck of the Legion Double Feature Ad

Well, where I live, we finally have snow on the ground and the temperature yesterday was a high of 5 degrees (-15C).  We got our Christmas decorations up and the music on the stereo consists of holiday classics–Bing, Dino, Frank, Andy, Perry, Sammy, Burl, Johnny, Jo, Rosemary, Julie, Roger and Tony.   Hard cider is the drink of the season (for me) and the house smells of baking cookies.

Luck of the Legion_The Curse of Kwa

Luck of the Legion_The Hounds of Zambo

I’m backing up my hard drives again and organizing various collections of Foreign Legion related files.  In the spirit of this generous season here my last two Luck of the Legion episodes.  Both again from Eagle Comics (Eagle Annual #4 for the Curse of Kwa and #5 for Hounds of Zambo).  I don’t own these–the Annuals were found on the usenet groups so thanks goes to the anonymous uploader.


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1 Response to Luck of the Legion Double Feature

  1. Eugene Olivier says:

    Jack, I used to get Eagles weekly and sometimes came across their annual. These LUCK OF THE LEGION stories are new to me. Thanks. I noticed the absence of Legionnaire Bimberg in the first one. He always had a one-track mind…. food.


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