Hodgepodge for February 2014

Some of the the neat things I’ve found this past month….

1.  How to Make a French Foreign Legion Fort.  I came across this entry on Lead Adventure forums for making a Foreign Legion / Beau Geste type fort for your war game table.  Link.  I think the final result looks great.  If you go to the author’s web page, Grimsby Wargames Society,  you can also find lots of other great terrain building tips and articles on the hobby.

2.  La Saga Lafite.  I often go to a web page called “Oran des années 50” to view pictures of Algeria.  It harkens back to life in that country and particularly in the province (and city) of Oran back in the good old days when the French were still running things and the sizable Pied Noir population lived in prosperity.  It hosts many pictures from the per-independence days of Algeria.  For example you can view many vintage post cards and pictures of both Sidi Bel Abbes (home of the 1st Foreign Legion Regiment) and Saïda (home of the 2nd Foreign Legion Regiment).

One of these collections on this site chronicles the military career of Armand and Paul Lafite (brothers).  It starts here.  If you click on the link for Armand you can browse hundreds of pictures depicting his wonderful military career which starts at St. Cyr in 1921, some time in the 153rd Infantry Regiment and then a long spell with the Goums in Morocco in the late 1920’s.  Though there are no pictures it appears Armand was away from the military in the 1930’s or so before resuming his career in 1939 with the 9th Zouaves, Oran Indigineus Affairs, and the 6th and 3rd RTA  (Regiment Tirailleurs Algerian).  He died in 1952 as a full Colonel.  The link for Paul Lafite has many pictures of his service in Indochina.  I know most of the pictures are not concerned with the Foreign Legion I did find two interesting ones depicting legionnaires with carrier pigeons.  The rest are still awesome.

PERIODE MAROCAINE 1928 1930 LAFITE A- 293- Agdz PERIODE MAROCAINE 1928 1930 LAFITE A- 303- Aït Saoun

3.  Various Miniatures Links.  I’ve come across several galleries and web pages devoted to military miniatures.  In French.  These pictures will inspire you to get your paints and brushes and some figures to help pass the time until spring.  You can use links also these to branch out and find other web pages devoted to the subject.

Le Bivouac  (their links page)

Le Forum La Figurine

L’atelier de Bruno

FF Figurine-Historiq

Jean Pierre Feigly

AFM Montrouge

Le Briquet


Planet Figure

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