Le Petit Journal Covers 5


A quick post today as I conduct some spring cleaning of my digital file cabinets.  These pictures are some of the weekly covers of the French magazine Le Petit Journal from the late 1800’s to roughly 1914. They were found on Galica and don’t necessarily directly relate to the French Foreign Legion but the theme here is about the uniforms of the French Army.  These covers depict military barracks life, maneuvers, new technology, and other less dramatic settings as well as some combat and response to natural disasters but what I selected were the ones that best show off the uniforms of the Armée française. NOTE: I like to view this full size and recommend right clicking on the picture and opening in a new window then clicking the “full size” link.

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2 Responses to Le Petit Journal Covers 5

  1. Dave Hardy says:

    A lot of these are turning up on Wikipedia. The most interesting I found is one dating from 1912 and relating to the annexation of Morocco. It shows Gen. Lyautey riding in a car equipped with a Hotchkiss MG mounted on a pedestal. I didn’t think that was a typical thing until WWII when the US Army put .50 cal MGs on jeeps.


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