Foreign Legion Themed Hobby Products

This month I came across some Foreign Legion / North African related products for miniatures and hobby gaming.

1.  Armies in Plastic: Fort Morocco French Foreign Legion Fort 1900.  This is something new from AIP and is one of several forts, trenches and battlements now being sold as play sets.  This fort comes along with with one set of 20 1/32 (54mm) Foreign Legion figures and two sets (40 figures) of Arab warriors which is a $51.00 value by themselves.

2.  1/72 Scale BUM Foreign Legion Figures.  I finally came across evidence that Spanish figure manufacturer, BUM, has actually produced two Foreign Legion sets–one for Beau Geste (77151) and the other for Camerone (77155).  There appears to be no difference between the figures included in the two sets other than the officer figure of the Camerone set.  The Beau Geste set comes with desert base and the Camerone set comes with a half ruined farmhouse.  Plastic Soldier Review does not have anything on these two sets other than listing a generic Foreign Legion and a French Foreign Legion Casualties sets.  I did recently see this listed on eBay for $25.00 or so.


3.  Paper Models Civilizations: Desert Fort.  If you want an affordable Foreign Legion themed fortress you can construct with scissors and a glue stick this might be your first choice.  Details and ordering information can be found here.  A sample of this product is also available for download at this link.  The pictures appear different but that is because two of the larger buildings are not shown in one arrangement although you do get a total of 8 buildings (including each of the towers).  There is also a Desert Village set from the same manufacturer.

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