Camarón Day 2014!

Well 30 April has finally arrived.  Camarón Day, where 151 years ago the French Foreign Legion fought it’s most epic and eternally celebrated battle–La Bataille de Camerone.


Since I usually post Foreign Legion related odds and ends (a hodgepodge) at the end of the month I will do the same today.  Here are some Camerone related items that I’ve come across.

1.  Camerone Day Blog.  No big table top battle this year but the proprietor/mad guru has a post today with his recommended books on the topic and also has a previous short post depicting the battle in 54mm.

2.  Mandatory Videos.  The first video from the 2014 ceremony at Aubagne has made it to YouTube.

Also, this nice video and accompanying ballad will inspire you.  The song was written by Jean-Pax Méfret, an ardent supporter in the day of French Algeria and a notorious French military balladeer. (his Kolwezi video is also a must see).

3. Camerone by Adolphe Canal.  This document is a poem written in 1878 by Capitaine Adolphe Canal of the 61st Regiment.   The introduction reads something like this;  It was a good company, of the 3rd Battalion of the 1st Foreign Legion!
Composed of brave and resolute men, NCOs and Corporals of rare value, such as: Tonnel, Morzicki, Maine and Berg, intelligent and intrepid officers as MM. Danjou, Capitaine adjudant-major, Vilain, sous lieutenant and Maudet-the standard bearer, she was in the battle fought at Camarone (Mexico), May 1, 1863.  Attacked by eleven hundred rebels, the company maintained heroically an unequal and terrible struggle.  Overpowered by numbers, (because they were only 65 men) who, having burnt their last cartridge, preferred to succumb gloriously rather than surrender.  This is to sing this beautiful feat of arms and honor the heroic souls of the heroes of this company, most my friends, I dared to vibrate in my inexperienced fingers the lyre of the poet.   The poem is in French and I’m not quite able to translate it accurately.  (I just might send this to one of my wife’s Belgian relatives.)

Camerone Poem by Adolphe Canal

4. Some Graphics.  A grab bag of random pictures & graphics.

 5.  Wargame.  Here is a link to a wargame held a couple of years ago for the 149th anniversary of the battle.  Link

6.  Junior General Fast Play Rules for Camerone.  Not sure I ever posted a reference to this page found on the Junior General web page.  These are some quick rules for putting together a game of the Camerone battle with or without miniatures.

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