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Hodgepodge for May 2014

Well, another month zooms by.  Our rough winter is now a faded memory and spring reigns.  Here is what I stumbled on this month–items with tangential connections to the French Foreign Legion. 1.  How to Join the French Foreign Legion … Continue reading

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Equipment and Uniforms Miscellany

It must be writer’s block.  Or too many spring chores on top of my new job that has kept me from posting here more frequently.  So to fill the gap here is another image dump from my unorganized digital collection.  … Continue reading

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Legion Pulp: A Change of Weapon

This month’s Foreign Legion pulp story is another short-short from Georges Surdez which appeared in Collier’s Weekly, 19 November 1938.  It’s of the renegade Legionnaire joins the Rif genre.  In this case, Gerbach, the renegade is believed to have been … Continue reading

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The Foreign Legion in Pen and Ink

Sorting through my digital collection of images I was able to assemble a collection of nice black and white pictures depicting various Foreign Legionnaires in different uniforms and settings.  Normally I would call these” uniform prints” but the lack of … Continue reading

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Action Adventure Comics: The Free and the Brave

Some comic books are great and some others, not so much.  Action Adventure Comics is one of the latter and I happened to find this short Foreign Legion story in the fourth issue published October 1955, over a year or … Continue reading

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