Action Adventure Comics: The Free and the Brave

Free and the Brave

Some comic books are great and some others, not so much.  Action Adventure Comics is one of the latter and I happened to find this short Foreign Legion story in the fourth issue published October 1955, over a year or so after the fall of Dien Bien Phu.  Disregarding the blue Foreign Legion uniforms and general poor art overall I did like the story.  It reminded me of the first part of John Wayne’s The Green Berets where the typical reporter hack (David Janssen) is challenged to write something honest and accurate for once.  The first link is for just the story and the second is for the entire comic book–ads for ventriloquism and a genuine Kentucky Tavern BBQ Ashtray included.

The Free and the Brave

Action_Adventure Vol 1 No. 4 Oct 1955     (Warning large file 33 MB)

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4 Responses to Action Adventure Comics: The Free and the Brave

  1. Eugene Olivier says:

    Jack, I wasn’t able to load the full story, but tend to agree with your comments on the artwork judging solely by the front pic.. I’m no artist myself but I had a colouring-book of Cuffy in the Legion when I was small and I certainly would at least have got the colours of the tricoleur the right way round!


  2. Villou says:

    Yes, little trouble about the flag (reversed).


  3. Flavio B says:

    Thanks for sharing,I like this comics so much.but I have the problem of not much money to afford them ,and very little space in my house to keep,so this is perfect,on line,I know is not the same as the real comic,the contexture,the smell,but I enjoy it anyway


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