Legion Pulp: Born to Fight

img293The Foreign Legion pulp fiction story for June is Born to Fight by Georges Surdez.  It appeared in the January 1937 issue of Adventure (Vol 96, No. 3).  I haven’t even had time to read this one yet but a quick scan tells me it is boilerplate Surdez–American mercenary, Frenchman and German all compete for the attention of a young dark haired local beauty.  Thrown in is some personal mano-a-mano fighting, desert combat and conspiracies to kill a commanding officer.  This looks like a good one.

Born to Fight

Admin Note:  Sorry I’m late with this as I usually publish the monthly pulp story on the 15th of each month.  I was on vacation however and didn’t take the right preparations to post remotely. 

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1 Response to Legion Pulp: Born to Fight

  1. Dave Hardy says:

    Good stuff. I have read nearly all your Legion pulp stories (I load ’em onto my Kindle). Keep ’em coming!


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