Grit Gregson Fighter in the Foreign Legion: The Wine Barrel’s Secret

GritGHere is a short story featuring the Grit Gregson, a British legionnaire who gets mixed up in many North African adventures.  Grit was a popular feature in the early issues of the weekly UK comic called Lion (King of Picture Story Papers).  This particular issue, #100, came out 16 January 1954.  It’s obviously tailored to the junior ages but I give it credit for at least making the kids read something other than comic dialogue balloons.  The plot is somewhat exciting too and actually has some hard lessons for modern counterinsurgency.  I took some liberty with the illustration as it struck me that it depicted three very thirsty legionnaires.

The Wine Barrel’s Secret



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4 Responses to Grit Gregson Fighter in the Foreign Legion: The Wine Barrel’s Secret

  1. jhovey11 says:

    Thanks for all of the great posts. I’m inspired to get my FFL back on the gaming table.

    John – Gaming Blog


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Thanks John,

      I’m also in some limbo with my modeling/gaming–lots of half finished projects in storage. If you do a tabletop FFL game be sure to let me know.


      • jhovey11 says:

        I definitely will let you know. I’m trying to decide on a few periods and scales myself.


  2. Eugene Olivier says:

    I loved these Legion features. The same sort of thing appeared in a similar publication that was called TIGER and of course those you’ve already posted us from EAGLE of Luck Of The Legion. I also recall Legionnaire Terry’s Desert Quest that was in the CHAMPION dating back to the late 1940’s & 50’s.


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