Hodgepodge for July 2014

Some of the odds and ends related to the Foreign Legion that I discovered this past  month…

1.  Regiments of the French Foreign Legion.  Here is a very nice documentary on the Foreign Legion.  Though titled “Regiments of” it is really much broader in scope and covers modern deployments and training interlaced with bits of Legion history and plenty of interviews of legionnaires and coverage of day to day life.

2.  French Foreign Legion Miniatures.  A couple nice reviews of several sets of Foreign Legion related miniature figures can be found on the Bolt Action.net website.  The first article reviews Gorgon Miniatures which depict members of the 13th DBLE figures from the 1940 campaign in Norway.  There are two other articles which introduce WWII era Foreign Legion and Senegalese figures.  There is also a great article on painting the Senegalese figures from Griping BeastGorgon



3.  World War One and Harvard.  I actually remembered to tell my wife and kids a couple days ago that in Sarajevo about 100 years ago on 28 June, World War One was sparked by the assassination of the Austrian-Hungarian Archduke Ferdinand and his wife and that the big shooting match began in earnest in August.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming documentaries, articles, book releases and other commemorative events related to The Great War.  One of these appeared on the Harvard College website entitled “The Choicest of their Kind” and is about those “Harvard men” who fought.   The first Harvard man to die was Edward Mandell Stone.  He was serving in the Foreign Legion at the time as were many others such as Alan Seeger.

4. Valiant Hearts: The Great War.  Speaking about The Great War, here is a new video game from Ubisoft that fellow grognards might enjoy.  The graphics are kind of odd to me but it looks very nice and features a composite American Legionnaire.  Game review hereVH_SC_14_Freddy_Marne_148647


 5.  Black Hat Miniatures.  There are five sets (Exotic Adventures) of 28mm Foreign Legion miniatures available from Black Hat that look very nice and appear compatible with figures from other manufacturers.  Link  They also have some Tauregs to do battle with the legionnaires.  They are produced under license by Unfeasibly Miniatures whose press release notes: “The range depicts the French Foreign Legion at the turn of the 19th Century in Northern Africa, immortalized in the stories of Beau Geste by P.C. Wren. The range includes Tuareg’s, who resisted the French colonial invasion of their Central Saharan homelands. We have two more packs of Legionnaires with improvised weapons which will be released as soon as production moulds have been made.  Mark at Unfeasibly has plans to expand on the range to add mounted troops.”



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5 Responses to Hodgepodge for July 2014

  1. I hope you don’t mind me linking to this image, but it may be of interest given the WW1 centenary. It’s a photo of Alfred Theodore Cooke, who joined the Legion in 1914 (aged 50-51) and died of illness in January 1915.


    • Jack Wagner says:

      Interesting picture of an obviously older gentleman heading off for war. A year in the trenches must have worked on his health. Thanks for sharing that.


      • You’re welcome. Indeed, it was apparently a very cold winter, so at his age I am not surprised that he succumbed. It seems that he had no prior military experience (at least not that I could find), having been an architect in civilian life.
        His death record is here, by the way.


  2. unfeasiblyminiatures says:

    Further update on French Foreign Legion 28mm miniatures by Unfeasibly.

    Mike at BlackHat has 4 new packs for release;
    – Legionnaires, in frock coats, in hand to hand combat – using rifles as clubs
    – Legionnaires in barrack dress, in hand to hand combat – using hand tools.
    – Mounted Legionnaires, on mules and on foot, 2 of each (4 unique figures)
    – New Recruits – based on Laurel & Hardy’s classis film Beau Hunks

    These will be available from Mike @ BlackHat Miniatures.

    Kind Regards


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