Legion Pulp: Affair of Honor

AffairHonor (Cvr)(Today’s post is a little late again–it’s August and we took a small vacation.)  But anyway, this is another Georges Surdez short story which appeared in the April 1937 issue of Adventure.  The plot concerns a young, fiesty lieutenant, newly assigned to the Moroccan front, named d’Herviller.  He is quickly awarded for valor and wins the respect of his hard-bitten legionnaires.  However, when he meets his Battalion commander, just before a big offensive, it is revealed that the two men are bound one’s actions from the distant past.

Affair of Honor

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3 Responses to Legion Pulp: Affair of Honor

  1. Joe Allegretti says:

    Thanks for the story. I always enjoy Surdez. I wish someone would publish a collection or two of his Legion stories like Altus Press did for Theodore Roscoe.


    • Jack Wagner says:


      I agree. Surdez is probably the best Foreign Legion pulp writer. He seems to have a better feel for the real Foreign Legion as a French speaking Swiss and frequent visitor to North Africa would. He was certainly prolific and the 1930’s he was really knocking the stories out and often could be found in some of the slicks. He did write some non-Legion stories as well.
      Altus press is a great outfit. If you liked the Thibaut Corday series you should try Altus Press’s release of collected James B. Hendryx stories of Halfaday Creek.


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