Legion News Clippings: Volume 1

0729e94b6c74f34f_largeIn my internet browsing I frequently come across small news articles about the Foreign Legion.  Individually they are nothing spectacular, just interesting tidbits about someone who joined the Foreign Legion (or was shanghaied) or who was cited for bravery or any number of other connections to the Legion.  The larger articles I find are posted separately but I think these smaller pieces are better grouped into small collections.  So here is the first “volume” of random newspaper clippings in no particular order.

NOTES:  The article about the U.S. Navy sailor being shanghaied by the Foreign Legion mentioned a Mr. Walter G. Leathe.  Leathe testified on behalf of the sailor that the same thing had happened to him while on vacation in France.  His exploits can be found in a post made on this blog on 15 December 2013.

The clippings can be hard to read so I gathered them into a .pdf file as well.  If you play around with the zoom function in Acrobat Reader you can adjust them for better reading sizes.

Legion News Clippings VOL 1




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