Hodgepodge for September 2014

Here are some interesting links for this past September–some new and some old.

LegionBooks1. French Foreign Legion: A Descriptive Bibliography.  This Facebook page of Mr. Savage’s is one I’ve been following for a while now but may have only briefly mentioned on this blog years ago.  It is basically many photographs of his enormous collection of French Foreign Legion literature which just keeps getting larger each time I visit.   Mind boggling how many obscure and collectable books are chronicled here.  The comments for each picture are also interesting.  This pages should definitely friended, book marked and visited frequently.

FFLTumblr2.  A French Foreign Legion Tumblr.  Tumblr is a social networking / microblog application that allows users to post pictures and multimedia.  I stumbled this Tumblr page that has amassed a very large collection of Foreign Legion pictures and graphics.  It’s very nice to browse these and I’ve found many pictures that I’ve never seen before.  The commentary throughout (small quotes and factoids) is nicely done as well. Again, highly recommended to bookmark and visit frequently.

Americans in the FFL3.  First to Fight.  I found a nice informative article on the Americans who served in the Foreign Legion during WWI.  Entitled ‘ENGAGED IN GLORY ALONE’: Yanks in French Foreign Legion Were First to Fight this really gets into the names, numbers, units and dates that is not often pulled together in such articles.  It appeared in the September 2014 issue of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) magazine.  It can be read online here or downloaded below. 

Engaged in Glory Alone

4.  French Foreign Legion Visit.   Here is another Facebook page called Toy Soldiers of Scandinavia.  This one features galleries depicting larger scale (54mm) miniatures–lots of them, all different nations and periods and set up in a wonderful displays.  The ones featuring the Foreign Legion include the following galleries but be sure to check out all the other ones.

French Foreign Legion Visit

Foreign Legion

Foreign Legion Fort

Untitled Album




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